Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Morgan's Eagle!

Morgan is my "little" brother!!! He is 15 and WAY taller than me! He is such a good kid (most of the time) and I love him to pieces and am so proud of him! Him & 4 other boys in their ward got their Eagle a few weeks ago! Good Job Morgan! We Love You!!! (Sorry, pics are kinda dark...the lighting in there was AWFUL!!!)

Morgan's display table
Morgan & his best friend Trace
The Eagle's Nest
Morgan waiting patiently
The Eagle
LOL! This pic makes me laugh...notice how the
guy is reaching as high as he can and Morgan
has to bend his arm! The guy wasn't short either
and when the eagle would flap its wings it would
hit my bro in the head! So funny!
Our cute cousin Jacob fell asleep! (He is red cause
it was SOOOO hot in there! He is also the little
voice that yelled "Hi Morgan", in the previous video!)

Trace with the eagle

Congressman Jim Matheson came & presented the boys with a certificate.
And so did Senator Gene Davis.

Morgan being presented with his Eagle
Morgan with our parents
Exchanging pins with our mom
Pinning our dad
His Eagle scarf
In the Eagle Nest with proud dad

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Katherine said...

Congrats, that is so awesome!! Way to go Morgan. I am so excited for you guys.