Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh Baby!

For those that don't already know, we are expecting our 1st precious little baby on July 29th. We are very excited to embark in this new adventure! We found out the week before Thanksgiving and wanted to tell my family in a fun way since this is the 1st grandchild for them and also the 1st great grandchild for my grandma! So since Christmas was right around the corner we decided that would be a fun time to tell them. I decided that I wanted to make everyone a shirt that said "Grandma", "Grandpa", "Great Grandma", "Aunt", & "Uncle"! So Christmas morning we went to my parents house and we decided to have breakfast 1st since we were all hungry! I was STARVING being pregnant and all, but of course I couldn't tell them that, I was just glad they agreed to have breakfast 1st. Before we ate I went up to wake up my brother and have him come eat with us. I went up there and was super nice and told him that I had a fun surprise and asked him to come eat with us and open presents. Well him being the difficult teenage boy that he can be told me that he didn't care and he didn't want to come down. I tried to not loose it, but I just started crying because I really wanted him to be with the rest of the family for my fun announcement, but there was nothing I could do. So I went back downstairs was kind of funny cause the way my brother had been acting no one including me was surprised that he refused to come down so everyone was looking at me funny because I was crying over it. So I finally stopped crying and we ate. My 1 sister was working for a few more minutes (she works from home downstairs) so I told everyone that they had to wait to open the present from us until she could come up. Everyone was kind of confused because all their presents were in the same size box and we had decided not to do gifts with all the siblings that year to save money for everyone, so my sisters were kinda mad/frustrated that we had something for them anyways. So then my sister came up for a quick break and we decided to go ahead and open them since everyone was curious. So of course I got the video camera ready and told everyone to open at the same speed. My sister that was on break from work didn't want to be recorded so you can hear her off to the side yell out "Monica is pregnant!" Well everyone else was still working on the wrapping paper at this point so everyone was kinda confused and just paused with this look on their faces. My other sister later told me that when she heard that she was thinking, "what could possibly be in that box that says Monica is pregnant?" So everyone else continued opening and once they figured it out they were all very excited! My sister Mikala was so excited she screamed, my mom was speechless and teary eyed, my grandma was excited and giggly, and my dad said "No wonder why she was crying at breakfast, I knew she had to be pregnant!" A little while later my brother decided to grace us with his presence and came and opened his. He was very quiet, but excited and he even smiled for the 1st time in a long time at the thought of being an uncle! So later that day we were going to my uncle's house for dinner and my mom decided to just wear her shirt over there to see how long it took everyone to notice. Once everybody noticed it they were all very excited for us! Here are the videos from them opening their shirts.

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