Friday, April 22, 2011

Pregnancy so far!

So I am 27 weeks pregnant at this point and I would say that this has been a pretty easy pregnancy! Of course I don't have anything to compare it to other than what I hear from other women, but I feel it has gone pretty smoothly. I've had plenty of moments of nausea, but it hasn't been an everyday occurence and I don't actually puke very often! The nauseous moments are less and less the further I get in the pregnancy, I just have to make sure that I eat regularly.
We went to the doctor on March 3rd for our 1st ultrasound to hopefully find out the babies gender. Well let me just say that we have a stubborn child and we weren't able to find out that time. They were able to see the heart and most of the other things they look for and everything they could see looked great, but they had us come back 4 weeks later to try for gender again and get the other couple of things that they didn't get the first time. At 1st I wasn't sad about it and knew we would be back soon to try again, but as soon as we got on the elevator I got all teary eyed and then when I called my mom to tell her that we had to wait I completely lost it! I just really wanted to know what we were having. The tears didn't last long and I quickly got over it and then I was able to laugh about it. I was still frustrated not knowing, but it was then funny that our baby was so stubborn. So a LONG 4 weeks later on April 1st, yes April Fool's day, we went back to the doctor to try again! Well the ultrasound tech who has been doing this for 30 years said that she had never seen a baby as stubborn as ours. She was able to see the other couple of things that she couldn't see before, but the baby's gender was still a mystery! So we had seen everything to know that our baby was healthy, but still didn't know if we were having a girl or boy. She tried EVERYTHING, but nothing would convince our little baby to cooperate. I so didn't find this funny, it was funny the 1st time, but I never even imagined it happening a 2nd time. Some people choose not to find out, but I have NEVER been one to not want to know and neither has Tom. So we went back out to the waiting room to wait for the actual visit with the doctor. Tom left cause he had to get to work. Then the nurse came to get me and made the comment that maybe our baby wants us to be surprised in the delivery room. This made me completely break down sobbing! I couldn't control my tears. Then I calmed down once in the actual exam room, then my doctor came in and made a comment similar to the nurse's and so I started the tears all over again. I am sure that he has dealt with plenty of hormonal pregnant women, but I still felt silly crying over this. At least we knew that my baby was healthy and that is what matters the most. I wouldn't love my child any differently based on their gender, but I was just SO sad and frustrated that this had happened to us 2 times in a row! So of course insurance will only cover the ultrasounds if done every 4-6 weeks so I would have to wait a whole month more. The ultrasond tech felt very bad and offered to let us come back in 2 weeks and she wouldn't charge us for it, but that meant that we couldn't make an appointment and we would have to just wait until she could fit us in between the other patients. Well this was fine for me on a Friday since I have them off, but with Tom having just started a new job, we didn't really want to do this not knowing how long we would be there. When I got out to my car I called my mom and completely lost it! I cried so hard that I gave myseld a migraine and made myself completely sick to my stomach. We had planned for both of our families to come over that night so that we could announce the gender, so I had to text everyone and explain that the party was canceled and we still didn't know. It took me awhile to calm down enough to drive so when I finally did I went to 7-11 and got me a coke slurpee to help my stomach and migraine. Then I went home and cried some more that I puked my guts out. I called my mom again and just cried. I feel silly now that I cried so much over this, cause honestly I was very greatful that we knew the baby was healthy, but I still just REALLY wanted to know what we were having so that we could pick a name and start planning. So my dad ended up bringing my mom out to spend the day with me and they brought some yummy lunch. My dad had somewhere to go, but was planning to come back to get my mom later. Well once Tom came home we convinced her to spend the night and we wold take her home in the morning since we had to go out that way anyways to get our dogs vaccines. So she did. We took her to Salsa Leedo's for dinner and just hung out. It was alot of fun. My doctor had mentioned that we could go somewhere like Fetal Foto to see if they had better luck. So Tom and I talked about it and decided that we would give it a try. When I called Fetal Foto to set up the appointment I explained the situation and asked them if they had any tricks to suggest to get the baby to cooperate. They suggested to eat sour patch kids and drink orange juice and then when I got there they had me empty my bladder instead of keeping it full. So we went in the following Saturday on April 9th. We didn't tell anyone, but our parents that we were going because we didn't want to jinx it or get anyones hopes up yet AGAIN. So that morning I ate my sour patch kids and drank my oj and we get into the ultrasound room the tech 1st looked at the heart which was nice and strong as always and then she went straight for gender and immediately knew! Tom and I were in complete shock that she knew so quickly...apparently the sour patch kids and oj worked! So she told us that we are having a little GIRL!!! We were so excited to finally KNOW! And the position that she was in there was no doubt about it that she is a GIRL! See for yourself.
However, our little GIRL was still being stubborn and wouldn't show her face! We had paid for the full 4D package with the dvd of her movement and all that fun stuff, but she refused to show her face. Luckily fetal foto is super good about this type of situation and they will give you a voucher to come back and try again to get what you paid for without having to pay again, so we set up the appt to come back. Our next appt was yesterday 4.21 and so I ate my sour patch kids and drank my oj again. We get there and she is being stubborn still! We know, we are IN FOR IT with this one...but we still love her very much! Finally we were able to get her to cooperate enough that we could get some good pics of her sweet little face! She is such a tease cause she would hide her face and then show us for just a second what she looked like and then hide again! She would give us this cute little smirk as if to say, "haha we play by MY rules!" She gave us this smirk many times and then she would do cute little things like rub her eyes and lay with her arm rested up on her forehead, which are both things that Tom does ALOT! It was so freaking cute and amazing to get to watch our sweet little thing and her personality! We were already in love with her, but after getting to watch her do her thing in there it is hard for either of us to not fall so much more in LOVE with her! We are very lucky and greatful for the oppurtunity to be her parents and we can't wait to meet her...but when it is her time!
Here is her cute little smirk!
She looks just like her daddy in this one!
Being a lil stinker and blocking our view of her face with her arm!
Sleeping with her arm up on her forehead just like her daddy does! So precious!
(I am having a hard time getting the captions to match with the pics, but hopefully you can figure it out.)


The Emery's said...

I would cry too!! But I'm so excited that you were able to find out! Congratulations on your baby girl!!

Jess said...

Holy post.... Man... when you post, you post! lol Loved it! I love those fetal photos! I wish I would have done them but we didn't have the money for it. I'm so excited for you I cant even express it! YEAH!