Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Molly @ 4 months!

*       Weighs 13 lbs 9 oz

*       Is 24 in (2 feet) tall

*       Is in size 2 diapers

*       Wears 3-6 and 6 month clothes. 

*       Sits up like a pro in her bumbo, but not quite on her own yet

*       Loves to talk and tell stories

*       Smiles really big when you talk to her or when she gets excited

*       Is still really happy when she wakes up, she has always been this way

*       Stretches really big just like her mommy

*       Can grasp and hold onto toys

*       LOVES to snuggle with anyone willing to hold her (there are lots of those ppl in her life!)

*       LOVES her “Princess Froggy” (this is what she is attacking in the picture!)

*       Reaches for things

*       Has rolled over from tummy to back a couple of times, we are working more on this.  She doesn’t really like being on her tummy a whole lot, but she is getting better.  When she IS on her tummy she is VERY strong and can push herself up really well. 

*       Has rolled over from back to tummy once, I personally think it was an accident

*       She loves to put anything she can into her mouth

*       She is a true binky baby and that is fine by me!

*       She is VERY observant!  She loves to people watch like her daddy.  She notices the dogs now and will just sit there and watch them run around.  She is very intrigued by these furry creatures.

*       She LOVES tv…the light, movement, and sound fascinate her.  If she is turned so she can’t see it when it is on then she will arch her back and crane her neck to see it.  If she still can’t see it she will YELL until you turn her!

*       She LOVES music!  Even if you are just making up words and a tune she will stop what she is doing to listen and she will sometimes sing along and get excited.  She also loves music on the radio.

*       She sleeps 8-10 hours at night.  I have to wake HER to eat and get dressed in the mornings on work days.  She is like her mommy and loves her sleep!

*       She loves her bath.  Right now we bathe her in a baby tub on our bathroom counter and she loves to watch us and herself in our big mirror.  She now also enjoys after the bath when I put lotion on her and give her a “baby massage”.  She sometimes still gets mad when I start to dress her though, I think she likes being naked…but with it being winter I don’t like to leave her undressed for too long. 

*       She eats almost like clock work every 4 hours.  We recently added rice cereal to her bottles to thicken it for mild reflux and the doc gave us the go ahead to give it to her more and try it with a spoon and also start trying baby food. 

*       She loves attention and to be entertained.

*       She knows what she wants and knows how to get it J

*       She lights up any room she is in

*       She melts the hearts of family, friends, and strangers.

*       She HATES her nose to be sucked…but I don’t blame her, I just wish she could blow her own nose.

*       Does really well in the car.  Almost always goes to sleep…unless she is hungry or really tired, but wants to be held and cuddled to sleep.

*       Adores her daddy!  If she hears his voice she HAS to look around until she can see him and then she always gives him a HUGE smile!

*       But she also LOVES LOVES LOVES her mommy!  :D

*       Has the most piercing beautiful blue eyes

*       Thinks she is ready to crawl!  She will tuck her knees under and push up on her hands and almost does an army crawl.  If she was on a surface where she had good traction I bet she would actually move.

*       Loves to sit up or stand…she is over the laying down thing.  She just wants to be mobile and be part of the action and go wherever she wants!

*       She is very curious and has to know and see what is going on around her.

Overall we just absolutely adore this sweet little thing!  I always knew I would love my child(ren), but until she cam into my life I didn’t fully understand the love I would have for her!  She is my world!

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Lindsey Phillips said...

Awwwe I'm so happy for you! She is such a joy! Love you all! :)